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Frequently Asked Questions

Only $200? I thought websites cost thousands of dollars!

Easy Web Co. provides a subscription service that takes care of your website design, hosting, security, and ongoing content updates – all for an affordable monthly fee.

Unlike traditional website design services, there’s no large upfront fee. Your website costs are billed month to month, instead of all at once at the start of your project.

This means your website is kept safe, secure, and up to date with no additional charge, leaving you with more freedom to invest your budget into other marketing avenues.

What if I just need my website redesigned?

That’s no problem — and actually perfectly illustrates the benefit of a subscription! With our website plans, you’ll never have to buy a “new” website again — we can keep it up to date and make changes any time you need.

How is this different than Wix or Squarespace?

With DIY platforms you’re expected to become a web developer overnight — not only building your website but keeping it up to date. With our website plans we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your business.

How long is my subscription?

Subscriptions require a 24-month commitment, after which your contract is month-to-month. Easy-peasy!

What are the benefits of a subscription over the traditional model?

A subscription isn’t for everyone, but in many cases it can produce immediate ROI, lessen risk, offers a full warranty, is more future-proof, and has a quicker turnaround time than traditional development methods.

We’ve outlined all the benefits we’ve found here.

Seems too cheap… What’s the catch?

Honestly, I’d be worried if you weren’t at least a little skeptical. I’ve written a bit about how I’m able to offer these prices. Have a quick read and I think you’ll understand how it works and is sustainable for my agency.