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There’s no shortage of DIY solutions on the market today. And the truth is, it IS possible to make a great website with them… but it’s not that easy.

Are you looking for a new and exciting career in web development? I’m going to assume not— but to get something truly powerful out of a DIY solution you’re going to have to have a deep understanding of things like keyword research, website structure & hierarchy,  alt tags & meta descriptions, conversion design, user experience, etc… And that’s just to PLAN the website.

We offer something different— a fully managed website carefully planned, created, and maintained by professionals with years of web, design, & marketing experience. This helps give you the website you need, and frees you to spend time on the things you do best.

You know your business. We know the web… Together, we can move mountains!

We’ve owned and operated a web agency for years— working with all kinds of businesses. While most small businesses want and need a website a $5,000 / $10,000 / $15,000 check is hard to write. Even worse, when they wanted to make changes a few months later they’d have to write another check.

The monthly subscription model allows businesses to control your cash flow and put that money towards other things in their business. The small monthly website plan is easy to budget for each month and means your website is always up to date. This way you can start seeing a return on investment almost immediately as opposed to traditional payment structures where it might take years.

We get started! We’ll send you over our  Website Starter Kit which will help guide you through the process of providing us with all your content. While you’re doing that we’ll get the basics of your website underway.

When you provide us with all of your content— your build will start immediately! Most projects are done in 7-10 business days!

Once you provide us with your first payment and your Website Starter Pack (the easy document we use to get your content), websites are typically live and getting traffic within 7-10 days!

At this point there is no way to self-host your website. Our servers are optimized for our products.

We carefully examined hundreds of our small business clients sites and came up with a list of things that every website needs.  This includes, but it not limited to:

A custom designed website— done for you & tailored for your individual needs. Build to connect with YOUR audience and turn visitors into customers.

We also include:
Easy to update interface
Stats on how your site is performing
Blogging capabilities
Weekly backups
Contact and lead generation forms
Website hosting, SSL, & security
Traffic reports
Changes to your content post-launch
And much, much more!

If you have specific questions on what’s included, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to discuss it with you!

You pick the plan that’s right for your business, and you can always move up to get more features at any time. We have plans starting as low as $245/mo. See our pricing page for all of the available packages.

Nope! At the time you sign onboard, you make your first monthly payment and we’re off to the races getting your site all set up!

We’ll be sad to see you go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your website with you.  We offer a buyout plan that is a small fee plus 50% of the remaining balance of the contract and package the website up so you can self-host and manage.

After the 24-month contract your price will drop 40%, but all the benefits you’re receiving (like lightning-fast hosting, security, backups, and updates to your site) stay in effect.  By then, your website will be a huge asset to your business and you’ll be paying even less!

If you’d prefer to self-host at that point, we will package up your website and give it to you at no charge!

We do not handle email hosting, but we can help get your setup with Gsuite or other reliable options to handle your email and you can contract with those providers directly.

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Have a question on something not covered here?

Drop us a note and we’ll be glad to answer any specific questions we didn’t cover!

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